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Letters of the Great Kings of the Ancient Near East

Letters of the Great Kings of the Ancient Near East
The Royal Correspondence of the Late Bronze Age
By Trevor Bryce
© 2004 – Routledge
Offering fascinating insights into the people and politics of the ancient near Eastern kingdoms, Trevor Bryce uses the letters of the five Great Kings of Egypt, Babylon, Hatti, Mitanni and Assyria as the focus of a fresh look at this turbulent and volatile region in the late Bronze Age.
Numerous extracts from the letters are constantly interwoven into the fabric of narrative and discussion, and this lively approach allows us to witness history through the eyes of the people who lived it, revealing the personalities and reactions of kings, queens, princes, princesses and royal officials more than 3500 years ago to the current events of the day.

Ancient Egypt: Anatomy of a Civilisation

Ancient Egypt: Anatomy of a Civilisation Paperback – 3 Nov 2005
by Barry J. Kemp
Completely revised and updated to reflect the latest developments in the field, this second edition of Barry J. Kemp's popular text presents a compelling reassessment of what gave ancient Egypt its distinctive and enduring characteristics.
Ranging across Ancient Egyptian material culture, social and economic experiences, and the mindset of its people, the book also includes two new chapters exploring the last ten centuries of Ancient Egyptian civilization and who, in ethnic terms, the ancients were.
Fully illustrated, the book draws on both ancient written materials and decades of excavation evidence, transforming our understanding of this remarkable civilization. Broad ranging yet impressively detailed, Kemp’s work is an indispensable text for all students of Ancient Egypt.
Paperback: 448 pages
Publisher: Routledge; 2 edition (3 Nov. 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0415235502
ISBN-13: 978-0415235501

Ancient Egyptian Scarabs and Cylinder Seals

Ancient Egyptian Scarabs and Cylinder Seals
By Percy Newberry
© 2005 – Routledge
106 pages


By John Whitehorne
© 1994 – Routledge
264 pages
Although there are many books written about the most famous Cleopatra, this is the only study in English devoted to her less well-known but equally illustrious namesakes.
Cleopatras traces the turbulent lives and careers of these historically important women, examining in particular the earlier Macedonian and Ptolemaic Cleopatras, and the impact of their dynastic marriages on the history of the Hellenistic world. John Whitehorne also evaluates current views of Cleopatra VII's dramatic suicide, and considers the evolving political significance of royal women in the last three centuries BC.
Clearly and engagingly written, Cleopatras reveals the true significance to the ruling dynasties of the 34 known Cleopatras who were not Cleopatra the Great, and illuminates some fascinating but little-known aspects of ancient Greek and Egyptian history along the way.


Empire of alexander the great

Empire of alexander the great…/docs/empire_of_alexander_the_great_-_pam